Self publishing for pleasure or profit

OK, lets be honest … the chances of you becoming filthy rich as an author are pretty slim but it can happen, just look at JK Rowling as an example.

The aim of this site is to be more of a handbook and an aid to writers who want to self publish worldwide.  Yes! self-publishing can be profitable and there are lots of writers who make a comfortable living through their craft (and writing is a craft!).  Throughout the site you’ll see links to a course that shows you all you will need to know to succeed if you decide to go the ‘for profit’ self publishing route.  But at the same time some of us just want to see our words in print.

Maybe you want to publish your book so you can read it to the kids?  Maybe you want to publish your memoirs so that your life’s achievements are not lost to history … what ever the reason you want to publish a book or get your work published you will find something to help here.

self publish and sell your own books