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About the video: A narrated presentation on how to publish your own book. You can do it yourself – save money, keep your royalties and your author rights. These schematics are outlined in great detail with steps that you can follow to make the entire process much easier and a lot less intimidating.
self publish and sell your own books

Can you get the book you’ve written published?

We have all had those moments in our lives where we have met a person with a life interesting enough for us to say ‘you should write a book’ but is it that easy?

I have had it said to me, and having worked in the taxi business for a number of years, believe me, there are plenty of stories to tell, but where would I start.  Thankfully, apart from the actual content almost everything else has been made very easy, if you have access to a computer you are up and running, almost.

As with so many things in life its made easy, you can do it in steps. Book Publishing in 3 Easy Steps, 4 Ways to Self Publish and even How to Publish a Book for Free, and they are just a few of what’s on offer.

There are many commercial publishers out there, willing and able to publish your book, all you have to do is send them a copy, someone will evaluate it, and if (that’s a Big if by the way) they feel its got ‘what it takes’ you never know, you could be book signing at your local bookstore in the very near future, and, if you are extremely lucky there’s the ‘film of the book’.  The other option is to self publish.

If you are more of a reader than a writer, then the internet is your library, no more crouching down to see the titles on the bottom shelf, struggling with bags and books, at the press of a button you can retrieve any title by any author, instantly, even out of print books.  Except they are not all paper, some are e-books.

On any journey undertaken by public transport these days, be it by train or bus or plane the rise in popularity of e books has been an enormous boon for people like myself who get through four or five books a week, and more room in your suitcase when you go on holiday, now that is a bonus.

This popularity has also created an opportunity for e book writers, you can put your ideas to one of these companies, and they will do the work for you, and give you advice and guidance, and the best bit is you can keep up to 90% of the profit.

If the idea of writing and having your work published in print or electronically appeals to you then I highly recommend you have a look at this course on self publishing by Christine Clayfield. It covers everything you will need to know – including how to avoid mistakes.

Step by step self publishing course

15 thoughts on “How To Get Your Book Published”

  1. Love the video, it explains so much. You’ve made it really easy to see how to self publish my own books 🙂

    I may need to get the course as well, it looks like you’ve covered everything I’ll need.

  2. wow, this is exactly me, I’m working on my book but also want to do hair make-up and fashion. Can I have you’re help!

  3. Haha of course! Let me know if you have any questions or video requests! Or just grab the course, I know it’s a bit on the expensive side but you’ll have all of the videos you’ll need to get from A – Z and start selling your book. Good luck.

  4. Just because of this video, I’ll probably go buy it (the course on self publishing that is) 🙂 – It looks like it covers everything I’ll need either to write and publish my own book or find a ghost writer. I know it’s a cheat but hey … thx so much

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