how to sell your book online

How to sell your books online


About this video: A list of things YOU can do to promote your book by book illustrator and publisher Tyler Hollis! They cost you nothing and they WORK


If you want to know more about how to sell your book online check out this course.  It covers everything you need to know from A- Z
Step by step self publishing course

Definition of encyclopaedia = works which embrace within their pages a more or less detailed account, in alphabetical order, of the whole field of human knowledge, or of some particular section of it.

And this is what you are now sat in front of, your very own set of encyclopaedia’s, covering every possible subject, at the press of a key. It’s called the Web and it’s everything online including the books that people buy.

If your preference is fiction, check the bestseller lists online, see what’s hot and what’s not, or ask friends what they recommend. The youngest in the family tend to go for the pictures first,especially if they are just starting to read, educational books have taken this into account, and are a world away from the books I had in school, now, with so many other influences the written word is having to earn its keep.

For myself, going to a book store is one of those ‘kid in a sweetshop’  moments, where do I start first? To read a history book is to put yourself in that era, we don’t have time machines,yet, so our only insight is through what we read,a good example being The Doomsday Book,  King William I ordered a survey to be done of everything the population of England and Wales owned,from ploughs to pillowcases, it took a year,  but with the information that was gathered the crafty King knew to the penny how much to demand in taxes, and nobody could argue it, hence doom and gloom covered the country and so we have The Doomsday Book.

I discovered that little snippet online, and it was news to me.

Supposedly, if your interest lies with antiquarian books, such as first editions, limited editions or classic books you would have been used to visiting book shops, dusty little havens of knowledge situated in some little back street, where the possibility of discovering a forgotten literary treasure hangs in the air, but these are fast disappearing, save yourself the sore feet and check online first, I’ve done it, I had a book given to me as a child that was old back then, looked it up online and even discovered how much it was worth today.

All of us at some point in our lives keep pets, we end up with them either on purpose or by accident, as in my case, but we love them and want to keep them healthy and happy, and that’s where the ‘v’ word appears, the vets, I’ve watched my cat run out of the building, my dog plant all four feet on the ground and refuse to budge beyond the front door, I’m embarrassed and my pets are traumatised, and at some point somebody has to mop the floor,accidents happen! But, those days are now gone, or at least there’s not so many of them because of the information online, which can either set your mind at rest its nothing serious or offer you a solution.

Bad habits creep up on you, mine was collecting books, be it by author or by series, those words…Part One of a trilogy were like the starter to a good meal, ending with Part Three as dessert,  books were creeping everywhere,  on the floor, under the bed, on the stairs, and then one day a light bulb moment, I joined the library, check out books, check in books, more room at home,simple! Not really though,sometimes I couldn’t make the journey there,weather was bad,other commitments,books already out that I wanted, forgetting they had to go back by a certain date and having to pay a fine,don’t they realise I’m a busy person!  So now I go online, download and read, my virtual library,my very own collection of encyclopaedias, from solving a crime or crying at a happy ending to solving the cause of Rovers itch or what book to buy my niece to help her with her school project, its all here in front of you.

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