Self Publishing a Childrens Book

Self Publishing Childrens Books


About this video: International best selling author and illustrator Jo Linsdell talks about self publishing a children’s picture book. The topics covered include:– Why you should consider self publishing.
– The process of creating children’s picture books.
– What your audience wants.
– Marketing children’s books

A child’s imagination is priceless

Step by step self publishing course

Imagine a school where the only colours are the magnolia walls and green tiles, and the school uniforms are grey, and silence was the order of the day.

This was my junior school, over half a century ago until the arrival of the school library which appeared overnight in the corner of the school hall, a few shelves at first with a small selection of books that were all brand new, so different from the educational books we used that were passed on from year to year, patched and repaired.

I never found out who came up with this amazing idea, but will be forever grateful to that person for bringing life and colour into the school day.

Writing and publishing stories for children

And how things have changed now, fifty years on the availability of books for children has sky rocketed, there are even ‘touch and feel’ books for babies, in fact, all ages and tastes are catered for, history, the human body, animals and activities, the list is endless.

One of the leading publishers for the entertainment and education of children of all ages is DKbooks, from the old favourites to new releases, from picture books for toddlers to cook books for the older child, year by year history books to first aid manuals. In fact the first book published by this company was a first aid manual, and how they have grown since.

My local library, I have noticed, has a large childrens’ section, which probably accounts for much of the noise, mainly laughter, that is heard on entering the premises. They even have the occasional book fair, an ideal way to promote what’s new and being written for children, and I would have thought a good place to start if you have ideas of writing and publishing a childrens book yourself.

Independent publishers of children’s books

All that counts “is that a child says at the end of a book, Again!”
so says Walker Books founder Sebastian Walker, and as the leading independent book publisher of childrens’ books its obvious many children have said, Again!  The slogan on their website reads ‘big or small there’s something for them all’ and that includes the mums who are encouraged to write for their children and have that story published and win £500 as well.

Oh to be a child now, and be able to enjoy the efforts of so many people writing and publishing exclusively for me, its a lifetime away from a draughty school hall and a few shelves of books.

If the idea of publishing childrens’ books appeals to you or you want to self publish a story book for your own kids then have a look at the step by step self publishing course below.  It’s packed with tips and tricks to make the whole process quick and affordable … and who knows … you may even make money publishing a childrens book.

self publish and sell your own books

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